The Designer

Rafael Esquer is Creative Director and CEO at Alfalfa New York. He received his BFA in graphic design from Art Center College of Design and has lived in Manhattan since 1996.

A native of the Sonora desert of Mexico, Esquer established Alfalfa New York on November 1 (Day of the Dead) in order to emphasize its connection to the rich tradition of Mexican graphic arts.

Rafael Esquer at Alfalfa Studio in New York City

In 2004 Esquer opened Alfalfa Studio, his own interdisciplinary design firm in SoHo. His design philosophy is “make the idea clear and simple, the design surprising and beautiful.”

Esquer’s clients at Alfalfa Studio have included the New York City Football Club, the Houston Rockets, the Robin Hood Foundation, the Philip Johnson Glass House, the Center for Architecture, the New York Times Magazine, Nike, Bjork, AIGA, Tommy Boy Records, Target, Scholastic, the City of New York, and MTV.

2002, Bjork Cocoon. Client: Bjork

2002,About the Designer 311

2003, Houston Rockets brand. Client: NBA’s Houston Rockets

2003, Made in NY brand. Client: The City of New York

2006, Chavela Live at Carnegie Hall. Client: TommyBoy Records

2006, About the Designer Join us

2007, About the Designer design

2015, About the Designer NYCFC

Some of Esquer’s work is contained in the Library of Congress poster collection, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Poster Museum in Poland, and the Olympic Museum in Switzerland.

Before opening Alfalfa Studio, Esquer was Creative Director at Radical Media in New York, where his group’s work in communication design received the National Design Award in 2004 from the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum